How this all came about…

Ok, so I hate to admit it, but I am THAT person. I met this guy, and he is a vegetarian, and somehow, I did the terrible thing, and became vegetarian too. Within, like, a 2 weeks of meeting him. I am basically a terrible human being in many ways as a result of this. I am a secret vegetarian because I am now having to avoid the shame of this by NOT telling any of my friends of the people who I might eat food around, but luckily because its the end of term, I am stuck in solitary exam-study confinement, and am not going to be eating with many people who would notice. And thats what I’m going to be writing about mainly. My adventures in discovering being vegetarian (again…), avoiding the awkward conversations where I would have to explain the motivation for me becomming veggie, and eating and cooking as much yummy-ass food as I can (preferably with the boy when he’s around).

A few things to make me appear a little less despicable. Or a failure to the feminist cause….

  • I had been planning on becomming vegetarian in a month or so anyway, to stay healthy, and as a challenge, and to cut costs when I finish at university. So its not PURELY because of a guy.
  • The actual decision to become vegetarian was a result of a conversation with the boy where he told me about his being vegetarian, and I could not think of a single counter argument. We talked about the inherent links between the punk scene and veggie/vegan “scene”, and I couldn’t argue. I hate being a hippocrite, so I decided pretty much right then. I would NOT recommend making a snap decision on these things normally though…
  • I didn’t eat that much meat beforehand anyway. So its not like I’m being a teenager changing EVERYTHING about my life for a guy. Not really. Ok? Validate me!!

Anyway, I’ll hopefully post recipes and a bit of stuff about music when and where I can.


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