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Football etc, and tour Pt. 2: Actual tour this time…

[Ok, I’m going to preface this by saying that I’m terrible and haven’t updated for aaaaaaaaaages. The discipline of writing regularly seems to have been lost to me since I finished uni, so apologies for being so lax on this. Also the stuff I’m writing about in this post is stuff that happened back in July, but I want to finish off this little section before starting up on the next one, also known as “I got a job, so now I’m rubbish at writing things and eat unhealthily cause I’m lazy…but still vegetarian!”. So….yeah.]

*P.S. Colleague at new employment is insisting I mention him. He’s a meat eater and I’ll punch him if he doesn’t stop being annoying soon…*

Well my boyfriend was on tour with Football, etc. which was pretty fucking cool. Also a part of this whole little chapter in the punk/hardcore/emo scene at the time, was that the Zine And Not Heard people were putting on the About Time festival. This was an all-dayer over in Peckham in an arts space, that involved a whole bunch of great bands from around the UK and beyond, and Football, etc were one of the headliners. Also playing were the Boy’s other band, the now defunct Bird Calls, along with others bands that we know/really really like, like Human Hands, Plaids, Joie de Vivre, Ten Speed Bicycle, and Sunday League. As the punks tend not to be that well acquainted with Peckham, or indeed, most places that are not covered by the tube lines (this isn’t meant to be mean, I’m including myself in this), there was much arranging for travel to be done. We met at the Boy’s the morning of the festival, and somehow managed to get the four of us (Mercy, Lindsey, the Boy and myself) along with a tonne of merch and gear, and hauled our asses from Mile End to London Bridge, and then down to Peckham. We met a few others on the way, and gradually ended up in the madness that is the Bussey Building, Peckham. There was a little added chaos that day, as there had been a few scheduling issues, and in the building there were also two amateur dramatics society shows, both of which seemed a little puzzled by our presence. Eventually, after dropping off gear, meeting up with the people who were supposed to be there and some other friends, we were able to watch some of the bands, and hang out. Most of the earlier part of the day was given over to catching up with people and smoking outside, and I only caught bits of the bands on in the afternoon. After getting food, it was time for Plaids and Human Hands. Plaids were pretty new at this point, the new band of the infamous (well, in the 90s emo scene-ish) Joe C, a last-minute addition to the festival. I had just heard their demo releases a couple of weeks before, and their cover of a Minor Threat song, which got stuck in my head, and which they then played at the show. This was also the first time I’d seen Human Hands, although I’d had th stuff off their split 7″ with Bird Calls for a while. Human Hands manage to pull off doing traditional 90s emo without sounding dated or like they’re doing something that’s been done. They pretty much sound as if they’ve been pulled out of the 90s and stuck on a stage here, eyes closed and hoping for the best, and to be honest, that’s pretty fucking awesome.

Football, etc were, as was expected, awesome. I managed to get a spot on the front row, and hear everyone sing along to the intro to Safety. I also got to see the Boy look more terrified and happy than ever before. It was THE BEST.

For a bit of the action, check out this video that was done by Fear of DIY– 

After the festival there was the standard struggle to get home from Peckham, with all our equipment, plus the Human Hands guys who were staying at the Boy’s place. There was then a party at the organiser’s house just down the road from him. Not a problem normally, but this happened to be the rainiest day in July, and we pretty much got to the point of soaked and miserable before getting to the Zine And Not Heard house, and instead being able to drown ourselves in beer rather than rain water. The next day called for the most mighty of fry-ups, which we went for to the Unique Cafe down in Roman Road market. Now, this place is not extraordinary. It’s just a greasy spoon really. But their veggie breakfasts, also known as “The Unique” were the absolute best thing that sunday. Seriously. We were so tired and hung over, and all had to drive to Manchester that day too still. Somehow we managed, and got the Bay Horse in Manchester in plenty of time, although feeling rather the worse for wear.

The gig that night was also a good one, although much quieter than the festival, for obvious reasons. Human Hands headed home to Birmingham and Stratford-upon-Avon at the end of the night, and we headed to the awesome Ellie’s house, where the bands were being hosted (she also put on the show at the Bay Horse). After picking up beers on the way from a bizarre off license with protective glass between the product and the shoppers, we spent a cosy night on the floor, wrapped in beer blankets and listening to Zebra Katz and Die Antwoordt with Ten Speed Bicycle.

The next day we had a relatively short journey, just having to get to Nottingham from Manchester, and the early part of the day (although really it wasn’t that early) was spent hanging around V-Revolution and flicking through all their shirts and records, and hunting for somewhere to eat. We ended up in a little tea place that also did food, and found some interesting things to eat, with the non-veggie Americans going for fish and chips (which did look pretty tasty…especially the chips).

After that we set off for Nottingham, one of the prettiest drives, with some wild weather giving some pretty impressive views. We got there early evening and got fed at the nearly finished (and now complete and opened) JT Soar venue with the largest pile of turkish bread I’ve ever seen, and then headed to a near-by pub where the gig was and began to set up.

Unfortunately the wild weather we’d seen earlier in the day began to catch up with us, and about midway through the evening, the rain made an appearance, and did not stop until MUCH later. The gig however, final one of the tour, was really lovely.

After the gig we began the long drive back to the Boy’s parents to drop off the car and finally crash. Apart from the mad dash through the rain to get back to the car initially, the weather was fine. We hit disaster when one of the main roads we had to take turned out to NOT EXIST ANYMORE ( caps reflecting our horror), but we managed to make decent time thanks to the Boy’s tireless driving, and when we stopped at a petrol station for snacks and smokes, we saw four rabbits hopping across the road. Now, this was interpreted by our sleep deprived brains not only as “awwwww” but also as “these rabbits are for us, because the Boy has a rabbit tattoo so it’s like, good vibes or something?”. Yeah. We’re cool.



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