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Indian vegetarian propagandaaaarggghh!!

So I told y’all about san Francisco, but what happened when I got back? Well first off, I HATE 10 hour flights. I think the longest I can do alright with is 7 hours but even that’s pushing it. I was so happy to get off that plane and back on to dull cloudy British soil at Heathrow. I hopped on the tube home, and promptly fell asleep. That evening was a fairly nice one of just hanging out at home, watching movies with the Boy and lying around taking in the jet lag and the niceness of just being home. It also poured with rain. The next day I decided to drag the Boy along with me to collect my provisional results for my degree. Yeah, see how I slipped that in there so casually? I had been freaking out about it for most of the week previous, since I got the email about provisional results the day I got to San Fran, and then had to stew while others on my course posted on facebook about what they’d gotten (or stayed mysteriously silent like myself). I intended to bribe the Boy to accompany me with the prospect of stopping off at the Angel on the way to get burritos for lunch, but after a discussion on my fear of burritos not living up to expectations with the memory of the Tacqueria Can Cun one being so close by still, the Boy made an alternative suggestion. Now, I still don’t know the name of the place we went to. It is known among our circles as the mad Indian vegetarian propaganda place in Chapel Market. However, if you refer to it as that, anyone who’s been there, even once, will know exactly what and where you’re talking about. Anyone who hasn’t heard of it will then have inadvertently provided you with the excuse to drag them there for lunch. Or dinner. Or something.

We got to the Angel, and headed up in to Chapel Market, dragging the Boy away from the games exchange shop, and went to this place. I genuinely thought it was pretty cool. Seriously. The stuff on the walls is insane, but the food is really good, and really the propaganda is kind of a novelty. It’s not like the people who work there are preachy or anything. In fact they pretty much ignored us. We grabbed a table, put our stuff down and headed for the buffet, and to be honest I don’t really remember much contact with the staff until we were paying up at the end. I don’t know exactly what I had, but I definitely got very excited over the amount of brown rice available. I LOVE brown short grain rice, but tend to accidentally destroy pans when cooking it at home…


The food was also generally REALLY good too, and there was tonnes of it. Thanks to the buffet system you could get loads of it too, at a pretty low price. Generally I’m pretty sold on this place, I have to admit.

There’s the Boy and me too. His roti decided to collapse while I was taking this photo. I let him take one of me because he kept telling me I looked cute and inflated my ego.

Oh and by the way, I got a 2:1. Jus’ Sayin’


About newhumanlondon

I am a student in London in my final year, and I want to write. However, despite my wracking my brains for the last 6 months on a theme, I couldn't come up with one, and just went for "everything, influenced by stuff that I find interesting". So that's what I'll write about. For the near future, I'll probably be focusing on tattoos, bodymods, feminism and consent, the Occupy movement, and a little bit of final-year student life.


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