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San Francisco and Birthday Times

It was my birthday last month, and I turned 21, which was pretty fun. The main thing about that, however, was that my 21st birthday present from my Dad, was a week for the two of us in San Francisco. Yeah. That’s right. San-Fran-Fucking-Cisco. For a week. I’d been excited about it for ages and it was everything I expected and hoped for. I loved SF, I loved Berkley, and basically had a really great time. One of the reasons I’ve got such a backlog on here was because I was away there. I’m not going to give a full account of my trip, as that would be boring to most people (although it was exciting for me), since we did mostly tourist-y stuff, and ate a lot of food that I could rave about. So this post is mostly going to be photos and a few words about them ‘n stuff. I’d definitely like to go back to SF, and hope I will one day. My Dad is in to food, but he’s pretty anti-vegetarian, and VERY anti-tofu (had a bad experience in the ’70s apparently), so eating was a bit of a pain in the arse. Dad was sympathetic to some extent, and has said before that he was actually proud of me “sticking to my principles” in being a vegetarian in the face of his merciless teasing (one example being, “You can’t be vegetarian, you’re Scottish, vegetarianism kills Scots you know”). But for a lot of dinner it was the pasta option for me. However, that didn’t mean that I had a bad food experience, in fact it was quite the opposite. I ate a lot of great food, took photos of a lot of great food, and generally was pleased by the options even in the restaurants that didn’t really cater to vegetarians. This was the first morning’s breakfast. I’m not normally a breakfast person, but I’ve got a soft spot for diners, and the place we went, Mel’s Drive In Diner, had some amazing options for veggies. This was a tortilla scramble, and MAN was it good! We ended up at Mel’s every day for breakfast, mainly on Dad’s argument that they had the best orange juice (it was REALLY good), and I photographed every breakfast I had, but I won’t spam them all here, tempting as that is.

The San Francisco Mel's Drive-In restaurant us...

The San Francisco Mel’s Drive-In restaurant used in the film had been closed and was reopened specifically for filming. It was demolished after American Graffiti was completed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I tried a variation of savoury and sweet things, obviously having pancakes one morning, and french toast another. I also had a design your own omelette, which was awesome (jalapenos, goats cheese, spinach), but mysteriously ended up with carrots in it in addition to the ingredients I’d asked for. Not that this was unpleasant, just strange really. I also had huevos rancheros one morning, which was brilliant.

I didn’t get to eat in China town, although we did manage to get to a Thai restaurant one evening for dinner, while I teased my Dad about his dislike of tofu. China town did, however, yield some of the most brilliant souvenir buys EVER.

Yup. That is a First Lady of Fabulous bag, featuring a cartoon Michelle Obama, Mark Ryden style pink baby deer, and the White House being flown in by hot air balloon. My Dad refused to let me go out with it while we were in the States, but I use it quite a lot for shopping at home now. Also got some Chairman Mao badges for my friends at home, just for fun. While we were on a shopping trip, we also visited a Westfield Mall in SF. Now, as a Londoner this was pretty amusing for me, since the Westfields here were such a novelty, that it’s pretty odd remembering that America basically invented malls on that model and scale, and we were just copying them. The food court however, made me giddy with excitement. And there was a vegan concession stall there too. Seriously. I pretty much lost my shit at that. It was around the time Dad and I were getting hungry, so I got some veggie spring rolls, and Dad decided to get some cheesecake. Yup. Vegan cheesecake. He didn’t realise until I pointed it out to him halfway through…

This is the face he pulled when he realised he was eating a cheesecake made out of tofu. And enjoying it. This didn’t encourage him to try anything else made of tofu though.

One of the biggest food discoveries, however, was one recommended to me by the Boy. In fact, he was so desperate for me to visit it, that pretty much every text I received from him while I was there included a reference to, or question on when I was going to it. This was the quest for Tacqueria Can Cun, on Mission. Dad and I happened to walk past it on the first day on the walk up to Haight Ashbury and Golden Gate Park, and I only remembered it because the Boy had showed me a photo of the outside online before I left. It took us until the last day to actually get there and try some, mainly because of my Dad being highly resistant to anything containing avocado, and thus being VERY suspicious of guacamole and Mexican food generally. I’ve been told that I can never cook him anything containing avocados or aubergines, or basically the “A” family of vegetables. Finally, on the last day we went for lunch there before our flight. It was THE BEST DAMN BURRITO I HAVE EVER HAD THE JOY OF EATING. No exaggeration there at all. Seriously. I sent a photo to the Boy immediately, of my nail-varnished little paw holding my half eaten veggie burrito. My Dad had a chicken supreme (I think that’s what his was called). Now, I didn’t try any other tacquerias in SF, so can’t really make a judgement, but honestly, I’m willing to believe that theirs is the best veggie burrito in San Francisco. I really am.


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