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Week Three: Rain and Summer Rolls

Woooaah this last week has been super busy for me! Also, a week tomorrow is my thesis deadline too, which is nuts and scary! But anyway, food is the priority here, and that is what I shall work on in order to keep myself sane. Last week began with the last couple of days before the Boy came back, so I was being very controlled in not going insane with excitement. Since it was easter not many people have been around, so I’ve mostly been chilling with my extended family. On easter sunday I went to a family friend’s house with my mum. We’ve known these guys for YEARS, and their daughter is my oldest, and one of my best friends, her brother is my adopted little brother, my mum is godmother to both of them, and both mums are best mates etc. We’re such good friends that for christmas dinner my mum and I go to their house because we don’t really cook for just the two of us, so we’re all really very close. My friend Juliet has been away being a chalet girl, and is also a staunch veggie and has been for years, in fact so long that she doesn’t even really know how to cook meat safely (she’s admitted this, it’s not just me being mean here). So it was just me and my mum, my best friend’s parents, and little brother. They were cooking roast lamb, which is always going to be an amazing cooking smell, and the dad insisted I go and look at it in the oven, and have the mechanics of how it was being cooked explained to me. They’ve had to deal with Juliet’s vegetarianism for years, and have developed a high standard of veggie-bating to cope, which I have now also been subjected to. Equally, Jim, her little brother, is a ridiculously argumentative teenager, and loves nothing more than debating and challenging others’ views. He’s a lovely kid, don’t get me wrong, but for 15, he’s just too clever, so defending my views was a challenge to say the least, especially since I’m new to the political/ethical side of things. But that was not the awesome side of that evening, although when the beer got flowing, I did have a bit of fun arguing with Jim. The awesome thing was the fact that even though I know how awesome these guys are as cooks, have eaten their roast lamb before, and am aware that it tastes like sunshine, I was not even SLIGHTLY tempted to have any. Why?

Because. Of. The Vegetables. OMG. Dem veggies. I’m genuinely getting hungry now thinking about them again. There were roast potatoes, obviously, and they were gorgeous, cooked in olive oil. Then they had roasted parsnips. again, perfect. Purple sprouting broccoli, which is easily one of my favourite veggies in the world. Just steamed, nice and simple. AND, and…creamed leeks. I don’t even normally get excited about leeks….but these, oh dear, they were so good! The dad half way through the meal, said,

“Oh, and if you’re wondering, the answer is truffles”

Holy Shit, he put truffle shavings in the creamed leeks. That was probably part of the reason why I was twitching in ecstasy when I ate them. Damn, I am so spoilt.

Dalston Junction station on the East London Li...

Dalston Junction station on the East London Line, on first day of opening, 27 April 2010. Español: La estación de Dalston Junction en East London Line, en el primer día de aperture, el 27 de abril de 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, on easter monday, I was dragged out by my mum for lunch. The Boy was due back on the Tuesday, so I was jittery by that point to say the least, and significantly hyped by the unbelievably cute texts he was sending me too. We went to this mad noodle house on the corner of Dalston Junction, the name of which I can NEVER remember! But I’ve always known they do great Chinese and Vietnamese food, at REALLY good prices. They also do summer rolls, which I have loved ever since my friend in America made them for me. They’re so fresh and light, and its so cool being able to taste all the individual flavours properly. Now I’ve not been there looking for veggie stuff before, so it was a bit touch and go at first, especially since it’s a bit hard to tell what’s veggie or not on their menu. We um-ed and ah-ed over it for a while, and when a waitress came to take our order I asked about the summer rolls. I was GUTTED to be told that they do them with pork and prawns! But, sweet joy, the waitress, without missing a beat, said she could get them to do some with tofu, not problem. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. So I got a bunch of those, egg fried rice, and salt and chilli fried tofu too.

OMG. It was SO freaking’ good. I cannot even describe it properly. They had mint leaves in the summer rolls. So fragrant and lovely. The fried rice was so yummy, full of flavour, totally addictive. The tofu was amazing, with the chilli kick just the right amount of spicy, and so much flavour. I am one of those vegetarians who doesn’t REALLY like tofu. But this was some DAMN GOOD TOFU. Yessir. I am most certainly planning on going there again.

So the next day the Boy was back, which was the main BIG DEAL thing of the week. I’ve mostly been eating take-out with him the last week, and writing my dissertation, and getting introduced to Bayonetta among other things on PS3, so I’ve not got a huge amount else to write about, but give me time. My dear father is visiting next weekend, so I’m going to be breaking the veggie news (or coming out of the veggie closet?) to him them, which will certainly be an interesting one!


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