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Week Two: Seitan worship

Ok, so this week has been a weird one. Its the first when there’s been no one working in my house, so we’re all on that weird holiday/no work week mental timeline when you can’t remember what day it is, ’cause everyday feels like a weekend, and the weekend feels like a weekday. Anyone else get that? I’m still at uni, so I guess for me it has a lot to do with being on a school/term timetable, with 4 week holidays, and hardley any classes. I also recently cut down my hours at work (yay for exam induced isolation), so my routine has basically gone nuts. And a load of my friends (including the boy) are away or busy, so I’m trying to study, and basically doing a lot of bumming around and cooking. And studying. Obviously.

So, the friend that I saw in Camden last weekend, Sasha. The one I had the religious-falafel experience with? She came over for a wine-and-movies-night. We do them every now and then, and frequently they can get messy. But because she was interested in vegetarianism and promised not to judge me for converting because of a dude, I said I’d cook something lovely and meat free. In fact what I did ended up being almost vegan. I made Seitan fried chicken, and quinoa pilaf. I’ve done the seitan thing before with the boy, and it was freakin amazing, but the cookbook with the recipe in it was left at his, so I was essentially making things up as I went along, and screwed up the batter a bit, so it wasn’t the best seitan fried chicken in the world. But it wasn’t half bad! And Sasha was converted. Which was the main aim. Apparently even her mum is in on this, saying she’d start buying less meat and stuff to make it easier for Sasha to convert when she moves in with me. Supportive, hey?

So, seitan fried chicken, not so great. The recipe I used for it before is from Hot Damn and Hell Yeah: The Dirty South, which is an AWESOME little cook book that I would 100% reccommend. You can get it from Amazon. BUT the exciting thing that evening, was the quinoa. I got the recipe from one on Offbeat Home. As you might notice if you check it out, its pretty sparse, basically telling you to use whatever you have at home. Its a fridge-clearer basically. But its still awesome. Sasha isn’t too keen on courgettes, which are the current leftover veggie in my fridge, so I bought a few things, and went with quinoa, red onion, kidney beans, and pak choy. I chucked a load of mild chilli powder, salt, and garlic powder in too. Sauteed the onions a little before hand, and basically stirred the cooked quinoa, beans and onion in together, then whacked in the pak choy on top and stuck the lid on to let it steam while I dealt with the moderately disasterous seitan. But it all turned out fine. We ate, drank 2 bottles of rose, and watched The Runaways and Thor. Clearly, an intellectual evening was had by all. And I made Sasha a Seitan Worshipper.

A piece of seitan

A piece of seitan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Something else happened this week, somewhat related to seitan worship, and that was that I recieved abuse in the street for something I was wearing. I’m a bit punk in my style, but not the ’77 mohawk wearing type punk. I’m fairly subtle about it, but I like my band patches and my nose piercing, and wear them with pride. I’m also an atheist, and more than happy to admit that. But I’m not going to have a go at anyone else who wants to believe in God or something. Each to their own, and as long as you’re not going to show religion down my throat, I won’t shove atheism down yours. Etc. What happened was this; I had been shopping for the ingredients I needed for cooking for Sasha and I that evening, and was walking home. The weather here has been up and down, and I was wearing my denim jacket, which although it has two patches on it and a couple of anti-fascist badges, is not that punked up. However, one of the patches is a baphomet, and the other is an artsy ouija board with a skull. And what happened, was a woman came up to me, spat at my feet, and called me a devil. I was so shocked that I couldn’t come up with a witty come back, and ignored her. Which was probably a good thing, because she was clearly trying for a fight. Its been a very long time since something like that has happened to me, and I can’t deny that I had a bit of a “morally superior atheist” moment. I don’t understand how someone who follows a faith that preaches forgiveness and loving one’s neighbour could think that its ok to act that way to someone. Well I do understand how it could happen, but I definitely felt that as an atheist who has no obligation to follow a specific moral code dictated by a religion, who would never act that way to someone wearing a cross, I did not deserve that kind of treatment. But I guess for now, I’ll stick to just worshipping seitan.


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I am a student in London in my final year, and I want to write. However, despite my wracking my brains for the last 6 months on a theme, I couldn't come up with one, and just went for "everything, influenced by stuff that I find interesting". So that's what I'll write about. For the near future, I'll probably be focusing on tattoos, bodymods, feminism and consent, the Occupy movement, and a little bit of final-year student life.


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