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Week Two: A new discovery and a disappointment

Maoz Vegetarian's food.

Maoz Vegetarian's food. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday I went to Camden lock with a friend for a bit of a catch up This is something we’ve been doing since we were about 14, and we tend to bum around a bit, get some yummy stall food (never had food poisoning yet, just to quash the sceptics), and then bum around some more. Yesterday it was RAMMED with tourists, a side effect of the fact that it was a weekend, and lovely sunny weather. The two of us wandered through the crowds, generally cursing them, and muttering obscenities under our breaths until we reached the market by the lock (y’know, the bit that burned down with the Hawley Arms a couple of years ago and was all rebuilt and re-populated?). Normally we get Mexican food, but my friend Sasha was feeling for chinese, which there is also there in abundance. The chinese looked great, I can’t deny that. I mean, there was deep-fried brocoli for christ’s sake! How do you say no to that? But I’d had chinese twice already last week, and couldn’t really deal with another one. So I cast around a bit while she was getting her food. I’m not going to lie, I did stare at her fried chicken pieces a bit. Just a little though. We went back to our usual Mexican stall, but it was so crowded I couldn’t even see the menu to see which would be best to have sans meat, and I lost my patience a little. But, lo and behold, there was a new stall, or rather a food cart, in the style of the ones they have in Philly. And it was selling hot falafel! They were calling out to people, giving them bits to try, as all the food sellers do in Camden, and I tried some. Oh, Lord. None of this dry, cold, over dense stuff I’d had before. This was falafel how it should be. And 100% vegetarian. Score. I ordered away, got a pita bread stuffed with salad, falafel, humus, and topped off with chilli sauce. It was divine. Even Sasha ended up leaving half of her chinese in disappointment, so jealous was she at my amazing falafel. Now living in an area that has a large Turkish community, I’ve tried falafel quite a few times, and I’ve never been that keen before. This stuff  was different. And amazing. Really amazing. I am completely sold.

So very different was my quest for lunch today. I was at work, and intended to get a sandwich and bring it back to the office, as I usually do. Even before I’d decided to go veggie, I’d been eating a lot of cheese salad baguettes from Greggs. Super healthy. Not. But they’re not the mayonnaise-y types, they’re basically just slices of cheddar and piles of lettuce and cucumber. And, honestly, they’re really pretty damn good. I had to go to the post office to sort out some tax things for the charity I work for, and hopped over to Greggs afterwards for my lunch. BUT were there any cheese salad baguettes left? Hells no. No problem, I figured there would be something else, just anything to avoid the cheese rolls (I hadn’t had breakfast, those cheese rolls are NOT big enough to be satisfying after filing all morning on an empty stomach). But no. Not a single bloody thing there (I didn’t even bother looking at the hot stuff to be honest), was meat free. Or fish free. What the hell! If they’re only going to stock one type of vegetarian sandwich then they should really be prepared to have them stocked ALL the time. Especially at the lunch rush. To say I was pissed would be a vast understatement. I rely on that sandwich. I prepare for it. I think about it in the morning when I first get to work. I guess the simple things in life really are the best. I ended up going to a little indie cafe that did take-away paninis instead, and paid £4 (which I really resented), for a “roasted aubergine, pepper and feta cheese” panini. Not only was it expensive, but it did not hold the same satisfaction as that damn cheese baguette would have. Yet another moment of being reminded of the realities of actively avoiding meat. Bummer.

BUT tonight, I’m taking my mother out for a super super later Mother’s Day dinner at Jamie’s Italian. I am cautiously optimistic…


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I am a student in London in my final year, and I want to write. However, despite my wracking my brains for the last 6 months on a theme, I couldn't come up with one, and just went for "everything, influenced by stuff that I find interesting". So that's what I'll write about. For the near future, I'll probably be focusing on tattoos, bodymods, feminism and consent, the Occupy movement, and a little bit of final-year student life.


4 thoughts on “Week Two: A new discovery and a disappointment

  1. I imagine from the name of the stall, Maoz Vegetarian, that the owners were Israeli and not Turkish, which is why the falafel were so much better! 🙂

    Posted by susannakd | April 3, 2012, 9:49 am
    • Ah well thats useful to know. The picture I used isn’t actually from the stall itself 😦 . I forgot to take photos on the day (something I fully intend to do more of to illustrate the blog a bit more!). Its just a generic one that came up on Zemanta when I was writing, but it seemed appropriate. I thiiiiink the stall was called Falafel King, or something like that, but its pretty much the only one I’ve seen there.

      Posted by newhumanlondon | April 3, 2012, 10:20 am


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