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Week Three: Rain and Summer Rolls

Woooaah this last week has been super busy for me! Also, a week tomorrow is my thesis deadline too, which is nuts and scary! But anyway, food is the priority here, and that is what I shall work on in order to keep myself sane. Last week began with the last couple of days before … Continue reading

Week Two: Green Eggs and Ham?

So, in this weird pre-Easter week, I’ve spent a lot of time wandering around, not doing a huge amount. I ended up going up to Stoke Newington church street to see a friend who works in a vintage shop up there. I spend a fair bit of time up there because that’s where my nearest … Continue reading

Week Two: Seitan worship

Ok, so this week has been a weird one. Its the first when there’s been no one working in my house, so we’re all on that weird holiday/no work week mental timeline when you can’t remember what day it is, ’cause everyday feels like a weekend, and the weekend feels like a weekday. Anyone else … Continue reading

Week Two: A new discovery and a disappointment

Yesterday I went to Camden lock with a friend for a bit of a catch up This is something we’ve been doing since we were about 14, and we tend to bum around a bit, get some yummy stall food (never had food poisoning yet, just to quash the sceptics), and then bum around some … Continue reading

Week One: Sabotage!

Ok, so it wasn’t really sabotage. I’m sure what happened wasn’t intentional, and just a matter of something messing up as a result of online glitches and stuff like that. But earlier in the week, I ordered a chinese online for dinner with my mum. It took me ages to decided on what I wanted. … Continue reading